Nave at Kalabay

Pronounced "naa vey".
At Kalabay the right hand break, a bit of a washing machine at times. The surf breaks over a large area and bits of it are fun. It does not usually have much in the way of walls or barrels.
The outside break has these different types of wave
1. a wide peak that shifts to the left as it moves.
The right hander basically goes nowhere but it often forms a wave with white-water on top and some wall underneath the white water. This allows you to move around under the white water. It is possible to go left on this peak but it is not recommended.
2. a right hand break further inside.
It can wall up for a short time and with luck will carry you through to a reform break where the outside break #1 kicks up and provides a bit more power, see the "canoe run".
3. the inside most right hand break.
Looks good when you sit at the other two takeoffs but can leave you too far inside when the shallow coral appears. Failed takeoffs can wash you onto the coral ledge.
4. The inside break - the "canoe run"
It can be a lot of fun. It is the best suited waves for dugout canoes and the bits of wood and sugar-palm boards that the local kids ride.

Carlyle Bay

Also known as Kalabay, is on the north coast of Ndendo. My host Gabriel is shown here in his boat with Tinakula, an active volcano, in the background.

From Kalabay the volcano is a constant reminder of the geological instability of the area.

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